affHERmation Gears Up For Soft Launch Coming at you today with another exciting development in our Mashdup Legacy projects.

affHERmation is an all-new online platform our team has been developing behind the scenes for the last few months, and we’re excited to give you a little hint into what it’s all about today.

The entire premise centers around the belief that the world has immensely talented, insightful and competent women, who so often are suppressed and shoved down below men, simply because they are women.

Or put another way, it’s men who have been, and continue to be, elevated in positions of power, status and income where women are just as qualified, if not more qualified in many cases.

Our team believes the time has come for women to act in a unified way that creates necessary change and progress. We believe it’s time for women to own their space rather than conform to someone else’s and take hold of their futures themselves.

That is why we have created an all-new platform where women can easily share and sell individualized expertise, in any subject or niche, and get paid for it.

Anyone can join affHERmation and access a growing community of women who are ready to offer their own guidance and expert training to you in any area you need help.

We can’t say much more than that for now. But keep an eye on for more that’s coming soon.

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