Mashdup Is Now Up And Running!

Aaron Blevins here, and I’m incredibly honored and excited to announce that, after quite a few years doing this production and growth hacking thing on my own, I am officially branding the unique ideas we have as Mashdup.

So what does Mashdup even mean? Happy you asked. First off though, I need to share a bit more about what we’re actually doing now.

You hear so many people talk about “passion projects” – and these projects tend to be very diverse, but almost always close to someone’s heart.

Over the last few years, I have created a handful of my own “passion projects” and have seen great progress made in them.

A few to share include a dog-focused brand, and a brand that identifies, elevates and works with top female talent.

But it was in these spaces where, through much trial and error, I realized that people need a helping hand in much of the creative processes, systems, and technical aspects of developing and launching a passion project in today’s ever complex world.

But beyond all of those complexities, I realized one really powerful element of all passion projects, and this is where our name Mashdup is derived from – everyone’s passion has been informed by someone else’s passion, and has elements of those individuals who have come before them and who have provided elements to build a new version of that passion.

What does this mean in simple terms? It means that every one of us, and our individual stories, are mashed up versions of some or many other stories that have informed our own.

And it’s these passion projects that often times transform into Legacy projects that propel someone and some idea into the new and bright future. But it’s so fascinating how it never happens because of one person, but through the efforts and informed stories of many. We all continually mash our own ideas into the ideas and passions of others to impact larger goals and create the futures we want.

Much like the guacamole seen in the image above. Everyone loves great, homemade guac, right? Why? Because all the right elements get “mashdup” together!

This is the meaning behind the name Mashdup. And it’s this Mashdup Legacy that we are setting out to create and leave behind.

But not just our own legacy projects (though I am still actively running my own) – it’s much larger than that today. And it’s here, today, where I invite any and all who are interested in joining us in this Mashdup world to create meaningful, legacy projects that have generational impacts.

People are worth it. Life is worth it. The future is what we make of it.

But we have to start.

So, let’s do it.

More to come soon.

Aaron Blevins

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