@pitbullinstagram has seen consistent, steady growth

Hi all, I wanted to update you on one of our core projects, @ where did you buy your Clomiphene pitbullinstagram. This project is one of my favorite for a few reasons, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, a little backstory: I started this Instagram account back in 2012 as a simple way to feature pitbull type dogs and their positive interactions with others. Now full disclaimer, I had dogs for most of my childhood, but I never owned a pit bull type dog. And for much of my adult life up until 2012, I held the stereotypical perspective on pit bull type dogs. I mean, we all know the media and movies love to paint a pit bull as the mean, vicious, dog that is waiting to attack.

But that all changed in late 2011 when I began reading content online that really pulled me in and helped me see that these dogs actually weren’t the monsters that most people believed them to be, and this intrigued me on a few levels.

It was at this time too that Instagram was just starting to get traction as a photo sharing app. I had created a personal Instagram account @aaronblevins and used it to share my own photos, but I also took notice by searching the #pitbull related hashtags that many people with these types of dogs were also on this app sharing photos and, surprisingly, positive stories and interactions with these dogs. Enough so that I decided to start @pitbullinstagram and repost these stories/owner photos, making sure to tag them to give them credit.

It was that simple in the beginning, and really still is to this day. And it is this consistency that has enabled the account to grow to the hundreds of thousands of followers that it has today, as seen at this link: http://iowacomicbookclub.com/wp-vatva.php pitbullinstagram

And I am happy to report that after sharing quite a number of stories, and photos of these lovable dogs, the tides have started to shift. Public perceptions have started to change. People are finally beginning to realize that these animals aren’t born inherently evil. That, like people, they are largely products of their environment. And if people step up to care for and guide them, they too can be lovable, family members who are great with children and will love them and their adult parents for years to come.

And that pumps me up.

More to come soon.

Aaron Blevins

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